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Blue River Candles

Badass Momma (Lavender, Grit & Chutzpah)

Badass Momma (Lavender, Grit & Chutzpah)

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This is a limited offering. It is our way of celebrating the 2023 Mothers Day. 

Lavender signifies the all too familiar and ever present mother’s love. Her open arms, her understanding, her compassion. It symbolizes comfort, consistency and calmness. This is Mom blowing on your scraped knee while pouring you a glass of milk shake.

Grit signifies passion and perseverance. Resolve. Strength of character. Focus. This is Mom trying to read on statistics and trigonometry, at midnight, after a full day’s work, after putting you to bed, after cooking tomorrow’s lunch, and after vacuuming the house. Just so she can help you with your homework first thing in the morning. Before the bus picks you up for school. And before she gets ready for her work.

Chutzpah. Ah yes! That self-confidence that sometimes border on arrogance. That boldness. That audacity. That nerve. That confident expectation that things will gonna be alright. This is Mom driving you to the soccer game ten minutes before go time, in the rain, while on the phone ordering pizza for the team, while putting on make-up, and making funny faces for your sibling at the backseat. All the while, assuring you that you will be there on time.

So. There you have it.

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