Q: Why is the surface of the soy candle rough and not plain and smooth?

A: This is an incredibly common occurrence on soy wax candles especially on hand poured candles. The uneven surface is caused by bubbles escaping to the surface as the candle cools down. Manufacturers fix this issue by applying a heat gun to the candle and melting the top layer to give you an even, creamy surface soy wax candles are known for. We can do that too but we don't think it is necessary since the rough surface does not negatively impact the quality of the candle. However, if you prefer a smooth surface, email us and we will gladly do it for you.

Q: After burning, why is the surface rough and pitted?

A: This happens when the hot soy wax melts and then solidifies as it cools down again. This is actually a feature of all-natural soy wax. It does not negatively affect the performance of the candles.

Q: How can I safely enjoy the candle as it burns?

A: The safety and burning instructions are located on the bottom of the candle. We recommend getting familiar with it before lighting your candle. It is also enumerated in the NCA Guidelines at the top of our website. Briefly, these include (1) do not leave burning candles unattended, (2) keep candles away from flammable materials, (3) keep candles away from children and pets, (4) trim wick to 1/4", (5) stop burning candles when only 1/4" of the wax remains, and (6) place candles on even, fire-resistant surface. Also, simply place the lid on top of the candle jar when turning off the candle (you don't have to screw it in). DO NOT blow on the candle to prevent hot melted wax splashing on you.